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We also offer three other apartments of different sizes and features, two of them in the adjacent and trendy neighborhood of Barranco and the other one with front ocean view in Miraflores. These apartments work under the same short-term rental scheme. They are fully furnished and equipped and the rates include utilities. We have chosen these properties with the same criteria that characterize Manor House: unbeatable location and unique setting.
In Barranco we offer a one-bedroom and one and a half bathroom property next to Puente de los Suspiros and a two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment in San Martín Avenue, next to the corner with Saenz Peña Boulevard. The Miraflores property is a three-bedroom, three and a half bathrooms apartment with a stunning ocean view. The three apartments have 24-hour security doorman.
We invite you to browse the sites of these properties.

San Martín

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