Unique Settings

Manor House Lima offers a unique dwelling experience in a recently renovated one-of-a-kind building, located in the residential yet touristic old neighborhood of Miraflores. Built in 1948, Manor House is a cultural reference of Lima’s mid-nineteenth-century architecture. Designed as a rental-apartment building for an emerging neighborhood in the outskirts of downtown Lima, it was meant to be occupied by small families and single residents moving out of the growing historic center.
The buildings design reveals the progressive transformation of Lima’s traditional residential architecture in the late 1940s, from a neoclassic and usually ornamented facade to a cleaner, simpler and unadorned one. Manor House Lima also reflects the influence of European urban culture of the 1950s, in which the low-rise residential buildings were the paradigm of good living and of sophisticated urban culture.
In addition to the distinctive architectural features —high ceilings, large windows, loads of natural light and the warm ambience of polished wood floors-, the apartments have been thoroughly furnished with design pieces including Saarinen tables, Barcelona chairs, Bertoia chairs, Viena chairs, and Wassily chairs.
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